Painting, a progression…

I love to paint, but until recently, I painted almost exclusively in black and white.  I struggled with mixing colors; they always came out kind of muddy and I could never get realistic skin tones.  Given that I paint portraits, not being able to mix realistic skin tones was kind of a deal breaker for color.  So I stuck with blacks, whites, and greys. It was all very dramatic. Continue reading

How to Roast a Bird, Except not Turkeys, Because They are Enormous Monsters.


Whenever I want to learn a new cooking technique, there are three places I turn to first: America’s Test Kitchen, The Food Lab at Serious Eats, or whatever method Thomas Keller uses.

This time of year it becomes especially clear that there are about a thousand and one ways to roast a bird.  Some go high heat, others go low and slow.  Some wet brine, some dry brine, some don’t brine at all. Some methods require basting, some require that you don’t. That doesn’t even go into the herbs, spices, aromatics, butter, oil, stock, or stuffing discussions. Continue reading

The Overly Complicated Guide to Making a Simple All Butter Pie Crust

steamy apple pie

I have read at least 100 different articles all claiming to be the key to achieving that perfect, tender, flaky pie crust. They’re all wrong. There is no secret, it’s easy…as pie (sorry).  It comes down to technique, butter, salt, sugar, flour and water. Nothing more. This article walks you through every step, in what is probably too much detail. It’s not rocket science, but my goal is to answer every question you could have before you need to ask it. Continue reading